Sometimes life gets hectic and we don't take time for ourselves.  On our Mountain Bliss Women's Weekends we're holding your prescription of sun, sand, water, fresh mountain air and a lot of fun as we take you on a journey of Lake Tahoe / Northern California's outdoor experiences and personal development workshop leading to recharged batteries that can reset your life course.


June 29 - July 1  &  August 17-19

Summer 2018



Bring your...

  1. Sense of adventure

  2. Your open mind

  3. Willingness to explore and learn

  4. Uncertainties and Insecurities

  5. All of you


You will experience...

  1. Fun water sport activities

  2. An amazing Personal Development workshop

  3. Inspiring informational clinics

  4. Breathtaking views

  5. A supportive, healthy environment


You will walk away with…

  1. Increased self-awareness

  2. A decluttered mind

  3. New friendships and support

  4. Recharged batteries

  5. Renewed motivation

Base Camp

5166 N Lake Blvd, Carnelian Bay, CA 96140      //      Phone:  530-546-3590


“My pedi’s shredded, my shoulders ache, my legs are sore, even the soles of my feet are bruised (from those silly little rocks at Waterman’s Landing)... but I wouldn’t trade a minute of last weekend for anything!! Thank you for this experience!” - Angela Flora