Inger Norman - Weekend Co-Creator

Spending almost 20 years in Sports Marketing and Program Development for companies like Clif Bar/Luna Bar and Northstar™California Resort, Inger has found her true passion in organizing memorable weekends for women for over 10 years now.  An outdoor enthusiast, this wife and mother of two can be found open-water swimming, stand up paddling, trail running and mountain biking in the Lake Tahoe area.... or completely lost in Italy with wine and gelato in hand!

Having relocated multiple times, Inger has always turned to the outdoors in seeking clarity and inspiration when life seems uncertain or chaotic. Her continuous journey has lead her on the path of accreditation through the International Coach Academy for Personal Development and Life Coaching.  These days she splits her time between Lake Tahoe and Rome, Italy with her family.  Please join Inger in this amazing outdoor journey of self discovery and awareness - vital for personal growth and development.


Anik Wild - Weekend Co-Creator

Anik Wild appreciates the value of setbacks.  For her, they represent opportunities to grow and thrive.  

Ten months away from qualifying and possibly competing in the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, she was forced into retirement from ski racing to nurse her ninth concussion.  This was a sour ending to a life dream; 30 years chasing an olympic dream.  Left with common disability symptom from her head injury; this event did not signal retirement from life as an athlete. Instead, she fell back in love with competitive paddling along with the physical demands of competitive stand-up paddle boarding. 

As an athlete, I was the one looking to help my competitor overcome their fear even to my own competitive disadvantage; I discover my field of genius following my retirement while coaching stand-up paddle boarding while guiding and inspires women to find their inner athlete by giving them the tools they need to align with their lifestyle with their values and goals.  Stand tall through athleticism so they can build a solid foundation on which to create a life they love. 

Most importantly, I’ve learned to take a step back from the hard-charging life of a professional ski racer and slow down, enjoy each day and find balance in my life. Today, I have a more holistic view of life. I’ve become curious about nutrition, essential oils and leading a well-rounded, mindful life.  Anik’s message to the ladies is follow your passion and your crazy ambitions however life presents itself to you, set back and change of plans are a precious space for growth worth being thankful for.  My role as a coach,” says Anik, “is to create structure for success with micro-changes and small steps towards bravery and ‘badassery.’” 

Anik Wild is a lifelong athlete at heart, a wife and a mother, the CEO of her founded companies, the co-founder of a non-profit and a passionate coach. "Each day, I live my past with a lot of pride. But I also have learned so much from it I am excited to share with YOU. "