After spending almost 20 years in sports marketing and program development for companies Clif Bar and Northstar™California Resort, Inger found her true passion in working with women in the outdoors. Her time at Clif Bar & Company was spent creating, building and managing a nation wide program of over 27 teams of 220 female brand ambassadors across four sport disciplines, including hosting an annual Women's Summit. In 2008 her husband’s job took her to Munich, Germany, where she experienced life (way) outside her comfort zone. With time for reflection and to practice self awareness, Inger returned to Truckee hosting her own women's outdoor camp for 5 consecutive summers. Each year Inger observed women signing up to improve their outdoor skills, yet what they actually appreciated was time away from their day to day life; a place they could breathe, seek new perspective and clarity while recharging their batteries and decompressing. This would prove an important observation in designing Inger's women's programs today. 

As a wife and mother of two teenagers, Inger thinks tobogganing should be an Olympic sport and that stickers on apples should be made edible. Her love for open-water swimming, mountain biking, snowboarding, urban street art, IPA's, European football, traveling and an evening with good friends and family helps keep her balanced and sane. Having relocated multiple times (and as of recently 2 ½ years in Rome, Italy) Inger has lived outside her comfort zone time and time again, driving her to dig deep and find meaning, purpose, humor and true appreciation in life away from familiarity.  Inger has always turned to the outdoors in seeking clarity and inspiration, especially when things seems uncertain or chaotic. Her continuous journey has lead her on the path of ICF accreditation through the International Coach Academy for Personal Development and Life Coaching where she continues to provide an environment of self-discovery for women. Inger is also a Certified Mountain Bike Guide through IMBA.  For more information on Inger's Life Coaching, please visit